Mission and Educational Philosophy

The Church of Cyprus envisions the “Theological School of the Church of Cyprus” as a centre for the nurture of theological education that will aim, within the bounds of its ordinary jurisdiction, to educate individuals who can serve the ecclesiastical, spiritual, social, cultural, educational and scientific mission of the Church in the modern world, serving the ministry of the Church in general, not only at a local level but also at a inter-orthodox, inter-Christian and inter-faith level.


The “Theological School of the Church of Cyprus” is dedicated – according to the model established for the Hellenic School (1812) by the national martyr Archbishop of Cyprus Kyprianos -: “ to the all-saving Holy Trinity.. the one and only tri-substantial God, to the glory of whom this school is built, in order to protect and sustain it against every offense, diabolical or human, and in order that they who study herein progress, are strengthened and receive the fruits of its excellence.”

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