Support and Dissemination of Research

Support and dissemination of research

(a) The T.S.C.C. supports the dissemination of research results through its policy for supporting research activities of faculty members. The support involves grants for the participation of faculty members as speakers at local and international conferences, the registration to professional and scientific associations, the possibility of employment of research associates, and the hosting of academic partners. Also, events through which the School can inform the general public about its research activities are organized, given that the social dimension of the new knowledge is one of our main objectives.

For the application forms for research support interested parties should contact the Research Office.

(b) At the end of each academic year all faculty members are required to update their publications and research activities on their personal webpage in the website of T.S.C.C. The research activities and achievements of each faculty member are also submitted to the Research Committee of the School, in order for the log file of their research output to be updated.

(c) Finally, regarding the cultivation of research skills for undergraduate students, this is primarily achieved through the compulsory course “Research Methodology”, through research activities undertaken as part of some courses, as well as through the optional dissertation that the students can choose during the fourth year of their studies. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in various scientific and Theological conferences, organized by the T.S.C.C. or other institutions.

(d) Similarly, the involvement with research and the cultivation of relevant skills for graduate students is promoted through relevant courses, such as the course “Ethics and Research Methodology” and “Statistics”, through the compulsory dissertation in their second year of studies, through their participation in voluntary research projects or participation in research projects of faculty members. Also, students are encouraged to participate, either as audience or as presenters at scientific conferences related to their research interests. Also, they are encouraged to seek publication of their research results (such as those that arise from their thesis) in national and international refereed journals.