Support and Dissemination of Research

  • The Theological School of the Church of Cyprus supports dissemination of research through the research grant scheme available to its faculty members. The scheme enables faculty members to participate as speakers at local and international conferences, to pay for their membership in professional and scientific associations, and to employ or host research collaborators. Given that one of the School’s main objectives is to add a societal dimension to new knowledge, the general public is informed about the School’s activities within the framework of various events which the School organizes.

Application forms for the reimbursement of research activities are provided by the School’s Research Office.

  • At the end of each academic year the academic staff are invited to update their publications and research activities on the School’s website. The research activities and achievements of each member of the academic staff are also submitted to the School’s Research Committee for the update of their research record.
  • Finally, as far as the enhancement of the students’ research abilities is concerned, this is achieved primarily through the compulsory course “Research Methodology”, through small-scale research assignments offered within the framework of several courses, as well as through the opportunity given to students to pursue a final-year project on the fourth year of their studies. In addition, students are encouraged to attend various research and theological conferences organised either by the School or other HE institutes and organisations.