Non- Profit Organisation Status

The “Theological School of the Church of Cyprus”, in accordance with its constitution, was established and operates as a non-profit charitable educational organisation. Accordingly fees are kept low in order to facilitate ease of access to the study programs and to ensure that expectations relating to equal opportunities are satisfied. In addition, it provides to its enrolled students incentives and opportunities to apply for scholarships and financial assistance, aiming to help them cover part or all of their study fees. The non-profit character of the School has allowed its registration as a charity organisation and, as a consequence, its donors are entitled to the relevant statutory tax exemption. According to the document of the Ministry of Finance, E.N. :, 5/10/2015, “the income of the School is exempt from Taxation” and “donations to the School can be deducted from the taxable income of the donor”.

For a complete and updated report of the relevant legal framework please see the following link connecting to the portal of the Tax Department. To access online enrolment type the word “Theological” in the search-box.