Outgoing Students

Students of TSCC interested in participating in the Erasmus+ program can contact the Erasmus Office and the TSCC’s website to obtain the relevant information.

Procedure for participation in Erasmus+ program as TSCC student

Application and approval:

  1. The students must complete the Application of Interest for Erasmus+ Mobility. This application must be accompanied with student’s transcript. Submissions’ for Erasmus+ mobility deadlines are:
    • Fall semester: 1st of July
    • Spring semester: 1st of December
  1. Erasmus Committee, on the basis of the criteria TSCC has set, will select the students who will receive a mobility grant.
  2. Selected students will be notified by the Erasmus officer.
  3. Selected students should complete and sign the following:
    1. Erasmus Application form
    2. Learning agreement form for students

The above forms with the student’s transcript will be sent to the Receiving Institution for approval.

  1. Erasmus Officer notifies the student about Receiving Institution’s decision. Student will be informed for study mobility’s details and necessary forms. Student, also, must obtain and complete the EU Health Card.


Following the approval of the student and the chosen university, the Grant Agreement is also signed. Subsequently, the Erasmus Office sends instructions to the accounting department of TSCC to pay the first installment to the student. The first installment will be transferred to a personal account (IBAN) which the Erasmus Officer should have prior knowledge of.

The second installment will be provided during the student’s studies at the Receiving University and after the completion of the Study Report.

TSCC in order to encourage students for participation to the Erasmus+ program, decided that students’ scholarships will not be affected during mobility.

The third and final installment will be given to the outgoing student upon mobility’s completion when he/she submits to the Erasmus Office all the required forms completed.

The outgoing student, to receive the full amount of funding must:

  • get at least 15 ECTS from study mobility
  • not terminate the period of study and traineeship mobility within the first 2 months. If the student terminates his / her mobility within the aforementioned time period, TSCC has the right to ask the student to reimburse the funding he/she has received until then.


The student has the opportunity to attend language courses online (courses OLS) and to get in touch with the language of the University to attend if the official language of the University is different from the student’s mother language.


The student is responsible to find a place of residence. Receiving Universities send to the student information for housing. Then, the student chooses his/her place of residence. The student can travel to his/her host country one week before the beginning of the course in order to arrange everything about his/her residence. The student can also leave the host country 2-3 days after completing the lessons to arrange his place of residence.

Information about accommodation can be found at:

During mobility

During mobility, the Erasmus Officer will communicate via phone and e-mail with the student. Any problems or issues relating to the attendance of courses at the Receiving University should be reported so that immediate solutions are given.

The Erasmus Officer will notify outgoing students about completing and sending their Study Report so they can receive the second installment of grant.

After mobility

Upon the return of the student to Cyprus, he/she submits to the Erasmus Office the following forms for examination and approval in order to (a) be recorded in the TSCC database; and (b) pay the third and last installment of funding to the student.

List of supportive documents:

  • Completed and signed certificate from the Receiving university for the period of study abroad (Certificate of arrival and departure)
  • Study report completed and signed by the student (Final Report)
  • Confidential supervisor’s report (completed and signed by the supervising professor of the Receiving Institution )
  • Individual grant of receipt of financing (signed by the student)
  • A detailed description of the courses that were attended, examined and scored and the respective ECTS
  • A copy of the air-tickets
  • The boarding passes

The student must take a minimum 15 ECTS to obtain the amount of funding which is entitled.

Language policy – outgoing students

Each prospective outgoing student must submit an official proof of knowledge of the language taught or used at the Receiving institution and meet his / her linguistic requirements so that his or her application can be finalized by the RIRO. RIRO encourages candidates to use the Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support (OLS) platform to enhance their language skills.

TSCC supports the study of foreign languages, as the program of study includes obligatory courses of foreign languages, which students attend to improve their linguistic skills. Two different modules are offered: English and French for Theological study purposes (upon selection). TSCC’s aim is that students will be able to acquire the language skills and gain the ability to communicate without difficulty in one of the mentioned foreign languages, as well as to be able to study relevant bibliography written in one of the foreign languages.

Students in Cyprus have the opportunity to learn English, from a very early age, at Primary Education level, and French at Secondary Education level.

Application deadline

Fall semester: 1st of July
Spring semester: 1st of December