Implementation of ECTS

Currently, Theological School of the Church of Cyprus (TSCC), as a newly established Higher Education Institution (HEI), is offering one undergraduate program: Theology (4 Years/240ECTS BA), and is hosting an intake of 18 students in the second year and 13 students in the first year. In its full development, other BA and Diploma programmes as well as Master and PhD programmes will be implemented. These will be concerning the service of social, educational and scientific mission of the Church of Cyprus, within the ideals of modernisation and internationalisation.

The accredited BA in Theology (as well as all the upcoming programs) is designed based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). An ECTS unit in our program corresponds to a 25-hour workload. Our full-time status requires a course load of 30 ECTS per semester and 60 ECTS for an academic year. Eight (8) semesters are normally required for graduation. Full attendance is obligatory. For our accredited undergraduate degree, 240 ECTS are required.

RIRO director, who was trained by Cyprus Bologna experts, through the National Agency, worked, in collaboration with academic teaching staff, to allocate the equivalent ECTS to each lesson based on: teaching hours, seminar hours, field work hours, study hours, assignments, examination and completion of learning outcomes. Comparisons were made with similar Theology BA courses, which have already been accredited by the ECTS Label.

Outgoing students, will be assisted by their academic tutor, before commencing their mobility, to choose the equivalent lessons from the host institution (that accumulate 30 ECTS per semester) and prepare their Learning Agreements. All ECTS that students earn during their mobility are fully recognised as an integral part of the students’ degree program. Upon completion of their degree each student will be awarded a Diploma Supplement. Erasmus Students will have their Erasmus earned ECTS fully recognised and awarded.

Incoming students, upon completion of their mobility, will be awarded by TSCC with an original transcript of their ECTS earned.