Buildings of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus


Buildings of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus

The School is situated on the south side of the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus, with its entrance facing Isokratous Street. On its north side one can find the old building of the Archdiocese, the Cathedral of Saint John, the Foundation of Archibishop Makarios the III, the Byzantine Museum and Gallery, the Museum of Folkl Art, the National Struggle Museum 1955-1959, and to the northeast the Pancyprion Gymnasium and the Severios Library and its Museums are situated. Looking east, one can find the church of Saint Anthony, the dependency of the Stavropegial Monastery of the apostle Barnabas. On the southeast there is the Exarchy of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. To the south is the mansion of chief Dragoman Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios and the Ethnographic Museum. Going west and within minimum walking distance, is the shopping precinct of the old town, the churches of the Virgin Mary (Phaneromeni), Saint Savvas, Archangel Michael and many more well-known monuments. Some of these are, for example, the Mausoleum for those who lost their lives during the Greek struggle for independence in 1821 in the Cathedral of Phaneromenis, the old Girls School and the Christian Orthodox Youth Union. The church of the Cross of Misirikou, the church of Saint Mary and the monastery of the Order of Augustinian Monks have all been converted into mosques.

The facilities housed at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus fall within the scope that is set out by the existing legislation: the relevant regulations of 1990 (R.A.A 54/90) (Regulatory Administrative Act (Κ.Δ.Π)), which were published pursuant to article 34 concerning the 1987 law for Institutions of Tertiary Education. The School is divided into three historic, restored buildings, which are connected by an interior courtyard. Also, through a Memorandum of Cooperation, the School can use the Library of Archbishop Makarios the III Foundation and the function hall of the Archbishopric of Makarios the III.

On the first floor of Building A of the School, named “House of Charalambos and Iphigenias Maratheftis”, Isokratous 5-7, students can find (a) two lecture halls, (b) two teacher’s offices, (c) toilets and (d) kitchen for the teaching staff.On the ground floor there is (a) the reception desk, (b) the Accounting Office, (c) a study room with computers and a photocopier, (d) toilets, (e) a kitchen for staff and students, (f) a canteen and (a) community room for students.

Building B, formerly “the Pallaris School”, which is situated on Patriarch Gregory 23 Street, is a two-floor building that contains (a) 4 large teaching rooms, (b) a large teaching room that is also used for Consultations, with its own consulting rooms, (c) 2 seminar/conference rooms (d) 3 offices for teaching personnel, (e) 2 offices for administrative staff, (f) Library/Study Room (g) toilets, including a special toilet for people with disabilities.

Building C of the School, at Isokratous 3 (a former house), has (a) four offices for academic staff, (b) an administrative staff office, (c) a reception and hospitality area, (d) a kitchen and (e) toilets.



  1. Issuing of cards for parking access

The School has a private parking space with an automatic control barrier next to its building facilities on 1-7 Isokratous Street. Access to the car park is only possible with the use of the magnetic entry card. Registered students who wish to use the school parking area can purchase this entry card by paying  €20.00 as a guarantee. This amount is returned at the end of the academic year, provided that the card is returned by its holder in a usable condition. It is to be noted that the number of School parking spaces is limited and that the issuing of an entrance card does not guarantee a parking space during the hours and days of the School’s operation.

  1. Regulations for the operation of the car park.

For the smooth functioning of the parking area we would kindly ask that the following regulations be observed:

1. i. All entry card holders must always park within the parking lines and not occupy more than one parking space.

  1. ii. Parking is not permitted in front of the entrances to the covered parking area, which is used to protect and park the bishops’ service vehicles. These entrances are in constant use and therefore must remain always unimpeded.

iii. If, for a serious reason, a vehicle is parked in a way that impedes the movement of other vehicles within the car park, the driver must leave his vehicle keys at the Reception Desk.

  1. Due to the fact that in the past vehicle parking has not always been conducted in the most sensible fashion, the entry card will be re-called from those who break car park rules, and the 20 euros for the guarantee will be refunded.
  1. Under no circumstances is permanent parking permitted.
  1. Finally, it should be noted that the School is not responsible for any damage or theft of a vehicle and/or the contents of a vehicle parked in the parking area.

Theological School of the Church of Cyprus
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