Process and Information

Students interested in studying at TSCC in order to be able to apply for one or two semesters, must already be attending one of TSCC partner institutions.

Benefits from attending TSCC’s Theology program for incoming students:

  • They will have the opportunity to attend the first and only evaluated and certified undergraduate Theology Program offered in Cyprus.
  • They will travel to Cyprus, a European country in the Eastern Mediterranean. They will get to know the civilization, the history and the society of Cyprus.
  • They will have the opportunity to live and experience the historic center within the walls of the old city of Nicosia.
  • They will enrich their language skills if Greek is not their mother language.
  • They will be connected to the liturgical life of TSCC and of the Holy Archbishop of Cyprus.

Procedure for participation in Erasmus+ program as incoming student to TSCC:

Application and approval

  1. Interested incoming students should make sure that their university has inter-institutional agreement with TSCC.
  2. They will contact the relevant Erasmus office of their University to make the relevant applications for approval.
  3. TSCC’ Erasmus office will examine their application and it will send the TSCC’ decision.

Details you will need for their application:

Name: Theological School of the Church of Cyprus
Erasmus code: CY NICOSIA 34 Address1-7 Isocratous street, 1016 Nicosia, CYPRUS
Contact person: Dr Olga Solomontos – Kountouri
Tel: 00357 22443061

In order to apply for Erasmus Studies in TSCC, interested incoming students must submit the following documents:

  • Fully completed and typed Application Form signed by incoming student.
  • Official transcript for all years of study at the Sending University, translated into English
  • Copies of passport
  • Copies of the EU Health Card or Personal Health Insurance Card
  • Official certificate/proof of linguistic proficiency in Greek
  • Two passports sized photos

The above documents must be sent by e-mail to before the deadline for submission of applications, which is:

Fall semester: 1st of July
Spring semester: 1st of December

Then they can mail the original copies to the following address:

Erasmus Office

Theological School of the Church of Cyprus (TSCC)
Isokratous 1-7, 1016, Nicosia,
Tel. +357 22443061
Fax. +357 22443050

Language requirements

The official teaching language at TSCC is Greek. Interested students should have at least the basic level of Greek language (level B1). Basic level of Greek language can also be obtained through the OLS (Online Linguistic Support) platform that supports the teaching of the Greek language.

Program of study

Here you can see the program of study of TSCC.


The incoming students will have the opportunity to stay in TSCC Students’ Hall, located near to TSCC buildings in the old Nicosia town area. For more information about TSCC Students’ Hall contact the Accommodation Office at:

Tel: 00357 22443057

Support to incoming students by TSCC

Incoming students will be treated in the same way as the existing students of the School.

TSCC wishes to offer to incoming students a welcoming and friendly living environment so that they can attend their lessons with ease. The Student Welfare Office will offer them all the benefits and services offered to the students of TSCC. Also, the Student Union will accept them as members, who can participate in the events and the groups.

Prior to their arrival in Cyprus, the students will receive electronically all the necessary information for their studies, accommodation and daily life in Cyprus.

TSCC will provide to Erasmus incoming students:

  1. the student card
  2. the library card
  3. gym card
  4. access to Moodle
  5. personal email from the School
  6. academic tutor
  7. tours in Cyprus in order to visit historical and religious sites and learn the culture and the social life of Cyprus
  8. the choice to stay at TSCC Students’ Hall