Graduate employment prospects

The program aims at postgraduate education of executives who serve or who could serve in ecclesiastical communities or organizations, in-service teachers or graduates with a related academic background intending to work in education, as well as to students who intend to choose academic direction. In a wider perspective, the program is aimed at professionals working in communities and dealing with human situations (eg police officers, prison guards, nurses, etc.)

Τhe specialization offered by the MA is of significant importance asthere is a need both in the church and in charitable organizations for the employment of persons with this specialization. The prospects of using the program for professional development and promotion purposes will be a pole of attraction for people who are working and the cost of the MA is reasonable and affordable.

Specifically, after completing the postgraduate program in Applications of Psychology and Counselling in the Community, graduates will have a variety of career choices. They will be able to take advantage of employment opportunities as parish executives of the Church of Cyprus, or non-profit organizations. Already through the agreements of practice in the parish work, the prospects for employment and employment opportunities arise. They will also be suitably trained to work in non-profit organizations, institutions, municipalities, public service organizations (governmental or private) to organize social and charitable work. Those already working as educators, or as trainers in the police or in a prisons or in health care centers or elsewhere, will be able to take up their services in their workplace, for example, health education at school or training programs in the police or prisons or health care centers. Job opportunities are also available in academic environments.

A postgraduate degree in applied psychology offers the graduate a superior position in the labour market, especially for jobs related to the design and management of prevention / intervention programs. In an academic or research institution they can work as researchers, trainers or consultants. They will be able to even continue their studies at doctoral level.