Pastoral Ministry

The main aim of the T.S.C.C. is to prepare competent theologians for the mission of the Church. In addition to the theological and academic services provided to students, the Office of Pastoral Care exists to provide specialized pastoral counseling support. Priests and lay Theologians are invited to take an active part in the pastoral life of their local church, as living members of it. Their scientific theological training will then be successful when it is utilized to God’s glory and the salvation of man. Pastoral Care aims at the practical application and utilization of theology in the liberating and salvational work of the Church of Christ.

The office of Pastoral Care discusses, advises and supports theologically and spiritually both clergy and lay students of T.S.C.C in their multidimensional pastoral work, which aims to preach the revelation of God to the world and to man, to convey the living theological discourse and the evangelical spirit and ethos to the congregation of the Church.

The Office of Pastoral Care urges and encourages students to proclaim the Body of the Church and the chosen people of God in a productive life, in the church-school movement, and in broader social and cultural events.

The students of T.S.C.C, the pastors of tomorrow and the Theologians of The Church of Cyprus, are invited in difficult times to assist in the salvational mission of The Church of Christ, to respond to the work of ministering to the faithful, to testify to the truth, light and life of Christ.


All students of the Theological School of The Church of Cyprus are entitled to free services from the office of Pastoral Care.
The Pastoral Services promote forms of pastoral ministry, but also support the students (priests, deacons and laymen) in their spiritual and pastoral work.


Personal meetings last about 30 minutes. The punctuality and correct behavior of the students during the meetings are important.

If students need to cancel a meeting, please inform the manager no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the session.


Office of Pastoral Care
Archimandrite Gregory Ioannidis, Operational Lecturer
Phone: 22443056, 99882272