Student Welfare Service

The purpose of the Student Care Service is the uninterrupted support of students throughout their studies. More specifically, the Student Care Service offers students information on student-life issues, provides academic, pastoral and psychological support, help with housing and also financial aid.

Newly Registered Students

At the beginning of each academic year on the admissions day that the School organizes, the new students receive information about the curriculum, teaching methods, the library, their rights and obligations, as well as about student life in general. Students are also informed about the educational platform Moodle which is used by the school. On the platform Moodle all teachers upload the syllabus of their courses and other important information, so that this material is readily and easily accessible to all students. An email address, student card and library card is also given to each student. The students are guided through the School’s premises, the School’s Library, The Makarios the Third Library, the chapel of Apostle Varnava, in which the divine liturgy is celebrated for students every Thursday, as well as in the Student Dormitory.

Computer Donation

In the context of the non-profit character of the School and the provision of Student Welfare, the T.S.C.C offers a free laptop to every new student. The purpose of this donation is to facilitate the access of all students to new technologies and the electronic support of their studies. The use of new technological capabilities and tools that provide modern teaching and learning is a necessity for the T.S.C.C. For this reason a computer Science course is taught in the first semester.

Institution of Academic Advisor

The Theological School of the Church of Cyprus offers continuous academic support to all of its students. Each student has his own Academic advisor, who most probably remains the same throughout the course of the student’s studies. The Academic advisor initially assists the smooth adaptation of the new student to their new environment and monitors the student’s progress on a systematic basis, advising and guiding them. They also supports them with any problem, mostly academic, the student is facing so that the student can continue their studies undistracted.

For more specific issues relating to particular courses, students may visit the tutors at their office during office hours which are set at the beginning of each academic year and posted on Moodle.

The Academic Advisor plays an important role in the guidance of the student when selecting elective courses, in the selection of a diploma thesis and in the approval for mobility of studies.

For postgraduate students the Academic Advisor guides them beyond the course options, in the selection of an internship framework, and the type and subject of the diploma thesis, so that the students can specialize in relation to their interests, skills and prospects of employment.

Career Services

The Career Service offers information to students and graduates about opportunities for employment in various careers. The service deals with issues concerning:

  • Personal and professional guidance
  • Continuation of studies at postgraduate and doctoral level (personalized assistance in filling in applications, writing letters)
  • Seminars that help graduates to take their respective exams.
  • Seminars for CV Writing
  • Seminars for developing skills and responding to job interviews (recruitment)
  • Lists of available jobs within, and outside the School and abroad
  • Presentations of employers and associations, etc.

Support for students with special needs

In the framework of the Student Care service, support for students with special needs is provided. Initially, the committee that is responsible evaluates each case individually and takes decisions for the appropriate services/facilities and ensures the application of the services/facilities to be offered to people with disabilities (See relevant information).

Institution of Counseling and Psychological support

T.S.C.C. offers its students free counseling and psychological support in full confidentiality. Students have the opportunity to consult the psychologist for any problem they face, either at a personal level, within the family or within their circle of friends (See relevant information).

Institution of Pastoral Care

The T.S.C.C. offers its students pastoral care services. Pastoral care is provided by a clergyman, who is also a member of the faculty (See related information)