Research Collaborations – Research Support Program For External Researchers

Research Collaborations – Research Support Program For External Researchers

Research support in the T.S.C.C. is not only limited to faculty members and students, but also extends to external partners and the wider research community, especially young researchers.

In the context of the community support services of the T.S.C.C., both academics and researchers who have already some cooperation with the T.S.C.C. (e.g. as a Teaching Associate), faculty members, as well as researchers who do not already have some kind of collaboration but could benefit from collaboration with faculty members of the T.S.C.C., are eligible to seek support from the T.S.C.C. to pursue a research grant or/and use equipment of the T.S.C.C.. Interested parties should contact any member of the Research and International Relations Office (R.I.R.O.) with a short statement of their interest in research collaboration or participation in the research support program for young researchers.

Communication should be done via e-mail or by telephone. It is recommended that the written statement is limited to approximately a single-page Word file document briefly describing: the field of the proposed research topic, the intended funding agency (when there is potential for pursuing funding), the deadline for the submission of the proposal, and (optionally) the faculty member with relevant expertise to the proposed research. When no faculty member is specified, the T.S.C.C. will investigate if there is a faculty member with research experience relevant to the proposal and will bring it in contact with the interested party.

Of course, when there is an already established collaboration or contact with a faculty member of the T.S.C.C., the proposed collaboration can be communicated to the T.S.C.C. through the faculty member.

In case of compatibility of the proposed research with the research interests or the research specialization of T.S.C.C. faculty members, the interested party will be eligible to access the infrastructure and research labs of the T.S.C.C. and carry out the research, by receiving the title of Cooperating Research Staff, which will allow them to pursue external funding as a member of the T.S.C.C.