Graduate Employment Prospects

The graduates of the T.S.C.C. have the opportunity to work both in Holy Metropolises and Parishes, and in Public Secondary Education.

Job Opportunities in Holy Bishoprics and Parishes

With the ultimate aim of securing the immediate full or partial employment of its graduates, the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus has attempted to come into contact with parish priests and parish committees so that joint possibilities for cooperation can be discussed, and ways to find out how the work of parishes could be reorganized to allow the integration and appointment of the School’s graduates. Similar contacts and partnerships are expected to be arranged with charities, non-profit organizations and local authorities.

Public Secondary Education

Regarding appointments in Public Secondary Education, with the introduction of the New System of Appointments in Education (NSAE), recruitment procedures are now more favourable and give the right to graduates of Theological Schools to apply for and secure a position immediately after completing their studies.

Until 31 August 2018, all first appointment positions were filled for the Public Education Service of Cyprus on the basis of the priority list of candidates on the list of appointees, to which all holders of a recognized degree in Theology were entitled to enroll. The list of appointees of the Educational Service Committee dated 08/06/2018 includes 1145 names who applied for appointments between the dates 16/07/2002 to 17/07/2017, and who are currently awaiting appointment as teachers ( This appointment procedure has been amended since 23/07/2015, with the publication of the relevant legislation and “The Public Educational Service (Amendment) (No.2) Law of 2015” which provides for the gradual abolition of the List of Appointees. The last Lists of Appointees will be posted in February 2027, and from 1 September 2027 the filling of all the first appointment positions will be in accordance with the order of priority of the candidates on the Lists of Nominations. Registration on the Lists of Nominations will be based on both the performance of candidates in written tests and other criteria. The examinations assess knowledge of the Greek language, essential teaching skills and topics related to various cognitive subjects (see

The first Lists of Nominations were posted in March 2018. From 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2027, first place appointment vacancies will be 50% filled by appointing candidates having priority on the Appointment Lists and 50% by the appointment of candidates having priority on the Lists of Nominations, alternately, with the first appointment being taken from the List of Appointments.

The modification of the appointments process enables graduates of the TSCC to enroll on the Lists of Nominations, provided they have sat the required written examinations, and therefore apply directly to the Public Education Service. Taking into account the number of un-appointed graduates of Theological Schools, and the fact that among the 1145 existing candidates there are also many EU citizens, mainly from Greece, it is foreseen that even with the NSAE the employment prospects of graduates from the School in public education are limited. However, the School intends to actively support its graduates in order to secure high rankings in the exams of the Education Service Committee, and thus to gain high positions on the Lists of Nominations.