2015–2020 U.P.S. Theology

Study Program (Curriculum): Degree in Theology (4 years)

Requirements in European Credit units –

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

To obtain a degree in Theology from the Program “Theology, 4 years, Bachelor’s Degree” of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus, students need to acquire the minimum number of two hundred and forty (240) credit units (ECTS) of the European System of Transfer and Accumulation of Credits. In order to obtain the required credits (ECTS) students need to attend forty-eight (48) of the sixty (60) courses offered and prepare a diploma thesis, or to attend fifty (50) of the sixty (60) courses offered as well as participate in the program’s activities, pass the respective exams and complete a period of school experience. The European Credit Units (ECTS) allocated to the program are as follows:

  • 42 Compulsory Courses (C) 208 ECTS
  • 6 Elective Courses (E) 22 ECTS
  • 1 Graduate Thesis (GT) (Limited Selection)

(or the equivalent of 2 Limited Selection courses) (GT) or (LS) 10 ECTS

Total of European Transfer and Accumulation Credit Units offered: 240 ECTS

The Undergraduate Program of Theology consists of the following parts:

Compulsory and Elective Courses and Electives:

  • 30 Compulsory Courses in Theology, 150 ECTS
  • 2 Compulsory Courses in General Education and Pedagogical Competence, 58 ECTS

Graduate Thesis or Limited Selection, 2 courses, 10 ECTS

School Experience 

Graduate Thesis

Students are given the option of preparing a diploma Graduate thesis during the 7th and 8th semester of their studies instead of attending two courses of the Department of General Education and Auxiliary Subsidiary Sciences. The Graduate Thesis, which corresponds to 10 ECTS credits, must include a theoretical review of the literature bibliography related to the subject selected in a document of 30-40 pages.

School Experience

School Experience is offered in the 7th semester of through the course Teaching Religious Studies/School Experience, THEO. 430. It is obligatory compulsory for all students and is carried out with the permission and assistance of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture in Primary, Middle and Senior schools in Cyprus.


The School operates using the semester system (15 weeks) as a method for organizing the academic year.

  • For the winter fall semester
  • Courses begin on the first Monday of September and end on the third Friday of December, provided that a total of 12 teaching weeks, one week of independent study and two weeks of examinations have been completed. The final exams of the winter fall semester take place from the second Monday to the third Friday of December.
  • For the spring semester
  • Courses begin on the third Monday of January and end in mid-May, provided that 12 teaching weeks, one week of independent study and two weeks of examinations have been completed. The sequence of the teaching weeks, the independent study week and the final examinations of the spring semester are determined in relation to the date of Orthodox Easter.

The courses consist of three (3) hours per week, for 12 weekly sessions every six months semester, and are allocated to the program as “Compulsory Courses” with the designation (C), as “Elective Courses” with the designation (E), or as ” Limited Selection” designated (LS). For specific courses students are required to have successfully completed another related course. In these cases the “CODE” of the related course which is considered prerequisite is indicated in the column “PRER”.

All courses are taught in Greek.

Year 1

Semester 1

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1CIntroduction to the Old Testament THEO.121 5
2CIntroduction to the New Testament THEO.125 5
3CGeneral Church History I THEO.181 5
4CPersonal and Communication Skills THEO.130 4
5CAncient Greek Language ITHEO.140 4
6CInformation Technology THEO.160 4
7EForeign Language, English I THEO.143 3
8EForeign Language, French I THEO.1453

Semester 2

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1CHistory of the Old and the New Testament THEO.122 5
2CIntroduction to Christian Worship THEO.161 5
3CHagiology THEO.104 5
4CPatristic Studies I THEO.108 5
5CAncient Greek IITHEO.141 4THEO.140
6CAncient Hebrew Language THEO.142 3
7EForeign Language, English II THEO.144 3THEO.143
8EForeign Language, French II THEO.146 3THEO.145

Year 2

Semester 3

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1CLiturgical Year – Theology of WorshipTHEO.2626
2CGeneral Church History IITHEO.2815THEO.181
3COld Testament Hermeneutics ITHEO.2215THEO.121
4CResearch Methodology THEO.2305
5CChristian Archaeology THEO.2715
6CByzantine Music – Execution THEO.278 4

Semester 4

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1CPatristic Studies II THEO.2085THEO.108
2CCanon Law THEO.2315
3CPhilosophy THEO.201 5
4CHistory of Dogmas THEO.2185
5CByzantine Grammatology THEO.2415
6CPsychological Theories of Personality THEO.210 5
7CLanguage Skills Development ITHEO.2403

Year 3

Semester 5

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1CNew Testament Hermeneutics I THEO.325 5THEO.125
2CDivine Liturgy and Sermonizing THEO.364 5
3CDogmatics I THEO.311 6THEO.218
4CTeaching Methodology THEO.330 5
5CCounselling Psychology THEO.310 5
6EChurch of Cyprus and Education THEO.382 4
7EAncient Greek Literature THEO.341 4
8EGreek Palaeography - Codicology THEO.380 4

Semester 6

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1CHistory of the Church of Cyprus THEO.381 5
2CPedagogy and Religious Education THEO.334 6
3CDogmatics II THEO.312 6THEO.311
4CByzantine Music – Hymnography THEO.378 4
5CSociology of Religion THEO.332 5
6CLanguage Skills Development ITHEO.3403THEO.240
7EModern Greek History and IdentityTHEO.3834
8EPedagogical Theories THEO.333 4
9EPastoral Ministry THEO.353 4

Year 4

Semester 7

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1CChristian Ethics THEO.440 5
2CHistory of Religions THEO.429 5
3CTeaching Religious Education/School Experience THEO.430 6THEO.334
4CPatristic Texts Hermeneutics THEO.408 6THEO.208
5EDaily Services and Typikon THEO.4634
6ETopics of Ecclesiastical Grammatology and Patristic Theology THEO.4884
7EInterpretation of the Acts of the Apostles THEO.4264
8LCDevelopmental Psychology THEO.410 5
9LCGraduate Thesis I THEO.400A 5THEO.230

Semester 8

A/ACourse typeCourse NameCourse CodeNumber of ECTSPrerequisite
1COld Testament Hermeneutics II THEO.421 5THEO.221
2CNew Testament Hermeneutics II THEO.425 5THEO.325
3CEuchologion: Sacraments, History, TheologyTHEO.4655
4CByzantine Art THEO.471 5
5EMission of the Church in the Modern World THEO.407 4
6ESaint Neophytos the Recluse-Life and Works THEO.404 4
7ETopics of Bioethics THEO.455 4THEO.440
8LCPsychology TopicsTHEO.4115
9LCGraduate Thesis II THEO.400AB5THEO.400A