Practical Training

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, the students of TSCC will have the opportunity to go to an Institution / University for a traineeship. The duration of the traineeship can be between 2 and 12 months. Students can be selected by TSCC in the last year of study for placement in a work experience organization, which will take place within 12 months of graduation.

Benefits from traineeship for Students

  • Students have the opportunity to gain work experience in an international environment and practice all the knowledge they have gained during their studies.
  • Students can receive funding from the program during their mobility. Also, it is at the discretion of the employer if he will give some extra money to the student.

Before the traineeship

  1. Interested students must complete the Application form, which can be obtained from TSCC’ website and from Erasmus office. The application must be attached with the students’ transcript.
  2. The final selection will be made by the Erasmus Committee based on the criteria set by TSCC.
  3. Selected students should complete and sign the following:
  4. The above forms will be sent to the Receiving organization / enterprise for approval.
  5. Erasmus Officer notify the students about Receiving Institution’s decision. Students will be informed for study mobility’s details and for keeping all the necessary forms.
  6. Students must obtain and complete the EU Health Card.

After mobility

Upon the return of the student to Cyprus, he/she submits to the Erasmus Office the following forms for examination and approval in order to (a) be recorded in the TSCC database; and (b) pay the third and last installment of funding to the student.

List of supportive documents:

  • Completed and signed certificate from the Receiving university for the period of study abroad (Certificate of arrival and departure)
  • Confidential supervisor’s report (completed and signed by the supervising professor of the Receiving Institution )
  • Individual grant of receipt of financing (signed by the student)
  • A detailed description of the courses that were attended, examined and scored and the respective ECTS
  • A copy of the air-tickets
  • The boarding passes