Student Transfer

School policy regarding transfer of students:

Transfers from one Department of the school to another, from other institutions to the school.

Student Transfer

The transfer of students to an educationally accredited-certified Department of the School is permitted from an educationally accredited-certified Department operating in Cyprus or abroad. Students who are transferred from another educationally accredited-certified Department of the School or from the same or another educationally accredited-certified Department of another Tertiary Education Institute or University School and/or hold a Bachelor’s degree from another educationally accredited-certified  Department to be admitted shall:

  1. Be informed by the School, prior to their transfer, of the credits they are entitled to transfer, or the level of studies that will be accepted. The maximum number of credits that can be transferred is less than 50% of the total credit units for the Department.
  2. To submit to the School an official analytical report of all the credit units they have obtained at the higher education institution they previously attended.
  3. Be aware that:

(1) there will be quantitative and qualitative constraints on the approval of the work of transferee students;

(2) there will be criteria according to which the School will place transferred students in its own programs, based on credits or scores obtained after exams in another school;

(3) there will be conditions governing their normal, trial or temporary transfer.

  1. Recognition of the study period in an unaccredited-uncertified I.S.T.E. program requires ‘simulation’ based on the general guiding principles of the Educational Evaluation and Certification Council (S.EK.A.P.)

The responsibilities of S.EK.A.P. are assumed by the organization D.I.P.A.E. according to the relevant provisions of the Law: “The Insurance and Certification of the Quality of Higher Education and the Establishment and Operation of a Body for Related Issues Law of 2015 (136 (I) / 2015) (47 (I) / 2016)”

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