Research policy

Research stands as one of the major pillars for the development, operation and social responsibility of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus. Our main objective is, on the one hand, for the teaching staff to be active in research, publish original scientific papers in both Greek- and non-Greek peer-reviewed journals, be actively involved in research programmes, participate in local and international research conferences, and encourage and engage students with research. On the other hand, the School seeks to collaborate with local and international research bodies, to contribute to the production of new knowledge with a societal impact, and to enhance the development of the students’ research skills.

To reach its aims, the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus has established the Research and International Relations Office (RIRO). A Research and International Relational Committee has also been set up, so that to provide advice and ensure that the aims of the RIRO are met. In addition, the Committee also promotes research among the School’s teaching staff and students.

Research, teaching and the consolidation of the School’s administration have been the three main areas of focus during the first years of the School’s establishment. A fourth significant aspect of the School’s mission is to provide knowledge and to support and serve the community. The Theological School has a strong presence in this field; its annual Research Conference and the various cultural events that it organizes (“Cultural Midday Meetings”, “Cultural Evening Meetings”) aim, on the one hand to the social and cultural cultivation of secondary-education teachers and the general public; on the other, to the promotion of social dialogue.

Committee of Research and International Relations  
Head (President)Prot. Kyprianos Kountouris
Chief OfficerOlga Solomontos-Kountouri
Three members of the Academic Staff Arch. Gregorios Ioannides
Maria Pavlou
John Bekos
AdministratorAntigoni Loizidou
One member of the Student UnionMarios Assiotis