Research is one of the key pillars of the policy followed by the T.S.C.C. The aim is, on the one hand, for the members of the Teaching and Research Staff to be research active, publish original scientific papers in Greek-speaking and foreign-language peer-reviewed journals, engage in research projects, participate in local and international conferences, and to incorporate their research in the educational process, as well as to engage students in research methods and research ethics, and overall in applied research. On the other hand, the T.S.C.C. sets up partnerships with local and international research institutions, aiming to create new knowledge, which can be used by the scientific community but also favour society, as well as cultivate the research skills of its students. It organises annual scientific Theological conferences with the participation of distinguished academics and publishes the conference proceedings. It encourages, sponsors and supports its faculty to participate in research conferences, research collaborations, and to draft research grant proposals. Through established research synergies, its faculty have submitted and will continue to submit research grant proposals. Finally, it encourages a proportion of suitably interested undergraduate students and all postgraduate students to participate in research, through modern courses of research methods in social sciences and humanities and statistics, through funding students’ participation at conferences, their involvement in research projects, etc. The ultimate goal is the creation of young scientists who can contribute to existing and new research areas.

Research and International Relations Office (RIRO)

In order to achieve its research objectives, the T.S.C.C. has had, from the beginning of its operations, a provision in the School’s Statutory Regulations for the establishment of the Research and International Relations Office (RIRO), which records, supports and disseminates the research of its faculty members. Specific objectives of the RIRO are:

  • The provision of information for the promotion of research
  • The promotion of research culture in academic faculty
  • The cultivation of a research culture among students
  • The encouragement to use research funds of the T.S.C.C.
  • The development of infrastructure to support research and its social impact
  • To create and maintain international research synergies
  • To support researchers to design and pursue competitive research funding for their proposals

The Erasmus Office, also part of RIRO, aims to promote inter-institutional agreements for mobility and exchange between Universities/partners, whose faculty cooperate or collaborate with.T.S.C.C. faculty through visits, lectures, workshops or/and research projects. The Erasmus office was awarded the Erasmus+ Charter, successfully implemented student and staff mobilities and is responsible for the renewal of the Erasmus Charter. It also closely cooperates with T.S.C.C.’s programme coordinators to decide on and review course ECTS, as well as with the Secretariat of Studies which issues and provides the free Diploma Supplement.

In general, the RIRO has organized research methodology training for students and staff, educated staff for the submission of research proposals and participates in committees, local and international workshops, the European Office of Cyprus, the Research Promotion Foundation and the Office of the Lifelong Learning Programmes of the Ministry of Education.

RIRO is staffed by the Head of the Office, another academic and two support staff. All work part-time, as they also have other duties in the T.S.C.C. All members are appropriately trained and regularly update their knowledge through continuing education.

Research and International Relations Office 
Head of, Research, Public and International Relations OfficeOlga Solomon-Kountouri
Research co-ordinator – Academic Member,Konstantinos Τσαγκαρίδης
Erasmus Mobility Office StaffAntigoni Loizidou
Research and International Relations Office StaffLuisa Michael


Three committees have also been established to assist the work of the RIRO:

  1. The Research and International Relations Committee, which advises and supports the achievement of the objectives of the Office and promotes research among the faculty and the students of the School,
  2. The Erasmus Mobility Committee, which convenes to approve or propose agreements with other Universities or Institutions, and to review and approve incoming and outgoing mobilities on the basis of established criteria.
  3. The Research Ethics Commission, which has developed and oversees compliance with the with international rules and principles of research ethics and the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Researchers of the T.S.C.C.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct of Research, as well as the self-assessment form which is useful during the designing of the research and before the evaluation of the research methodology by national bodies, have been prepared by the Research and International Relations Office and are available to researchers and students of the T.S.C.C. By filling in the self-assessment form, researchers are able to make sure that the design of the research, and the preparation of the application for ethical assessment is complete and describes every necessary action and activity. Consent form templates for adults and underage participants can be found here and here.

Research and International Relations Committee 
Director (Chairman)Rev. Kyprianos Kountouris
Head of Research, Public and International Relations OfficeOlga Solomon-Kountouri
Three Faculty members Arch. Gregorios Ioannides
Maria Pavlou
Konstantinos Tsagkaridis
Research, Public and International Relations Office staffLouisa Michael
A member of the Student UnionMarios Assiotis
Erasmus Mobility Committee 
Director (Chairman)Ref. Kyprianos Kountouris
Head of Office Research, Public and International Relations,Olga Solomon-Kountouri
Two Faculty membersArch. Gregorios Ioannides
Konstantinos Tsagkaridis
Secretary of Programme of StudiesAnna Christodoulou
Erasmus OfficerAntigoni Loizidou
A member of the Student UnionMarios Assiotis
Research Ethics Committee  
ChairmanProt. Kyprianos Kountouris
Three Faculty membersOlga Solomon-Kountouri
Maria Pavlou
Konstantinos Tsagkaridis
External memberAnna Katsaros