Recognition of mobility achievements for study and placement

Prior to the mobility, outgoing students, in cooperation with RIRO and their academic tutor, will complete and sign Learning or Training Agreements. The agreements shall confirm that the suggested programme of studies is compatible to the program of the sending department and that the successfully examined courses and their corresponding ECTS will be recognized.

Outgoing students, after having completed their Erasmus study, must submit to RIRO the full Transcript of Records and the Supervisor’s Report. RIRO and student’s academic tutor examine and approve all official received documents. Academic activities indicated in the Learning Agreement and successfully completed by the outgoing students are validated as an integral part of the degree and the students are exempted from all equivalent modules already completed abroad. All modules successfully completed are recorded in the student’s grade protocol via a Recognition Certificate issued by RIRO. Theological School of the Church of Cyprus (TSCC) in order to encourage students to study with Erasmus, consider the results for the hosting university on a pass or fail basis, so their overall results will not be affected by possibly lower grades received in the host university. This mobility is recorded in the Transcript of Records and in the Diploma Supplement. Training in enterprises is recorded in Transcript of Records and in the Diploma Supplement as an extra qualification.

Incoming students at the end of their Erasmus+ period receive an official Transcript of Records issued by the Secretariat of the Faculty (after deliberation of the Assessment Board which takes place 10 days after the end of the examination period). Within 10 days upon decision of the Assessment Board, a Confirmation of Studied Modules is issued in English by RIRO, endorsed by the Academic Coordinator, and is sent both to the student and to the corresponding Office at the partner institution. It will serve the purposes of an official Transcript of Records stating the grades and ECTS obtained during the exchange period.