General organisation of Research and International Relations Office (RIRO)

The Church of Cyprus Theology School (CCTS) is a newly established (2015), private, non-profit, Higher Education Institution (HEI), functioning under the auspices of H.B. Archbishop Chrysostomos II and the Church of Cyprus. CCTS, in order to achieve internationalization and research collaboration, as well as European and International mobility, has established the Research and International Relations Office (RIRO). RIRO is currently served by two members of staff: (1) the director, an academic, highly experienced in research and Erasmus programs and (2) the Erasmus Coordinator, a trilingual academic. RIRO in collaboration with the National Agency develops partner university collaborations and creates the policies, the structures and the functions for managing and implementing European and International mobility.

In achieving representation, democratic and transparent processes in decision making, CCTS has set up the Research, International and Public Relations Committee (RIPRC). RIPRC is comprised by seven members: the CCTS Director, two RIRO staff, two academics, an administrator and a student representative. RIPRC’s main responsibilities are: (1) to expand partnership agreements, and (2) to select applications for mobility, from students and staff, based on set and fair criteria.

The director of RIRO supervises all activities concerning mobility. She manages university and organisation agreements for mobility and placements. She reviews all documentation, sets RIPRC meetings, and ensures that the CCTS meets its obligations under the Erasmus+ University Charter. Erasmus Coordinator negotiates Mobility Exchange numbers, on an annual and semester basis, prepares interim reports, provides information and guidance to Erasmus participants (incoming and outgoing students and staff), manages all mobility documentation, keeps the mobility records, updates the web-page, facilitates compliance with funding requirements and is Erasmus+ conduct person. RIRO staff organise open days for outgoing students and staff; induction days for incoming students and staff. They also organise dissemination and participation in training and in conferences.