Erasmus Committee

Members of Erasmus Committee:

  • Kyprianos Kountouris, Director
  • Dr Veloudia Sideri – Papadopoulou, Dean
  • Dr Olga Solomontos – Kountouri, Assistant Professor, Director of Research and International Relations Office
  • Grigorios Ioannides, Lecturer
  • Anna Christodoulou, Secretary of Theology Study Program
  • Erasmus Officer
  • Giannis Hadjimichael, student

Role of Erasmus Committee

The main role of Erasmus Committee is to:

  1. Propose, examine and approve inter-institutional agreements
  2. based on the specific criteria established by THEO, examine and approve the applications of:
    1. Outgoing students for mobility for studies and traineeships
    2. academic staff for teaching mobility
    3. administrative staff for training mobility
    4. incoming students, academic and administrative staff
  3. Promote the objectives of THEO policy for Erasmus+ Program among students and staff
  4. Have advisory role to the Erasmus Office