Olga Solomontos – Kountouri

Olga Solomontos - Kountouri

Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology
  • Theological School of the Church of Cyprus
    1-7 Isocratous, 1016, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Τel: 22443055
  • Fax: 22443063
  • Email: o.solomontos-kountouri@theo.ac.cy


Dr Olga Solomontos-Kountouri is an Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology, Head of the Master in Application of Psychology and Counseling in the Community and Head of Research and International Relations at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus. From 2010 to 2015 she held the post of Lecturer of Psychology and Coordinator of the Erasmus Office at the University of Neapolis in Paphos. She is a coordinator of National Representatives and Newsletter Editor of European Association of Research on Adolescence (EARA). She is a member of the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA), the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD) and the Hellenic Psychological Society (ELPSE). She is also an appointed member of the Prison Council and of the “Sofia Polyzoidou – Chrysseliou Georgiou Foundation – Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus’’. She coordinates with her research team, the implementation of educational intervention programs for young prisoners, in European program such as Empowering Learning Models in Prison (ELMIP), Convicts Upskilling Pathways (CUP) and Socially Excluded youth of MEdia LIteracy (SEMELI). In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and Professor Dagmar Strohmeier, she implements the Viennese Social Competence Program -ViSC in Secondary Schools in Cyprus since 2012. In the context of ViSC and Comenius Regio Partnership programs, she has trained hundreds of teachers and thousands of students on how to prevent bullying. She has many publications in research journals and presentations at international and local conferences.


PhD in Developmental Psychology, Institute of Education, University of London, 2006

Master of Science in Child Development, Institute of Education, University of London, 1994

Diploma in Education, Institute of Education, University of London, 1991

BEd in Primary Education, Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus, 1983

Research interests

Her research interests maybe broadly classified into the following two areas: first, issues and theories of developmental psychology of teenagers (especially identity, delinquency and bullying), and, second; applied psychology and the implementation and evaluation of intervention programs for: (a) the training of young prisoners, and (b) the prevention of bullying in schools.

Selected Publications

Strohmeier, D., Solomontos-Kountouri, O., Trip, S., Doğan, A., & Arënliu A. (2020). International Implementation of the ViSC Social Competence Program in Cyprus, Romania, Turkey, and Kosovo. In P. K. Smith &   J. O. Higgins (Eds.). The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Bullying (pp. 443-461). London and New York: Routlegde. Taylor & Francis Group.

Strohmeier, D., Stefanek, E., Yanagida, T., & Solomontos-Kountouri, O. (2020). Fostering Cross-Cultural Friendships with the ViSC Anti-Bullying Program. In D. Güngör & Strohmeier, D. (Eds.), Contextualizing Immigrant Resilience: Cultural and Acculturation Perspectives. (pp. 227-245). Springer, Cham.

Solomontos-Kountouri, O. & Strohmeier, D. (2018). The ViSC Program: How Do Bullies, Victims, Bully-Victims and Uninvolved Adolescents Perceive the Program Activities? International Journal of Developmental Science, 12(3-4), 159-168. DOI 10.3233/DEV-180254

Solomontos-Kountouri, O., Tsagkaridis, K., Gradinger, P., & Strohmeier, D. (2017). Academic, socio-emotional and demographic characteristics of adolescents involved in traditional bullying, cyberbullying, or both: Looking at variables and persons. International Journal of Developmental Science. 11, (1-2), 19-30. DOI: 10.3233/DEV-17219

Solomontos-Kountouri, O., Gradinger, P., Yanagida, T., & Strohmeier, D. (2016). The implementation and evaluation of the ViSC program in Cyprus: Challenges of cross-national dissemination and evaluation results. European Journal of Developmental Psychology. 13:6, 737-755. DOI: 10.1080/17405629.2015.1136618

Solomontos-Kountouri, O. & Hatzittofi, P. (2016). Past, present, emergent and future identity of young inmates. Journal of Adolescence, 47, 119-124.

Solomontos-Kountouri, O. and Hurry, J. (2008). Political, religious and occupational identities in context:  Challenging Identity Status Paradigm. Journal of Adolescence, 31(2), 241-258.