Maria Petridou

Μaria Petridou is a Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus. She previously obtained her BA in Psychology from the University of Cyprus, and then she continued her postgraduate studies in the Netherlands, where she gained an MSc in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology at Leiden University (Universiteit Leiden). Her major research interests include factors that contribute to the development of anxiety, antisocial behavior, and empathy during childhood, adulthood, and juvenile. She developed an alternative treatment protocol using Biofeedback methodology combined with video games for reducing anxiety and externalizing problems in young adulthood. Also, she teaches courses in psychology and counseling at the bachelor and post-graduate levels. She is currently involved in various European Projects in collaboration with the Prison Cyprus Department, aiming to enhance detainees’ skills and reduce stigma. She is a member of the European Association of Research on Adolescents (EARA) for young scholars and the Cyprus Psychology Association.