Porphyrios Dalianis

Porphyrios Dalianis

Assistant Professor
  • Theological School of the Church of Cyprus
    1-7 Isocratous, 1016, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Tel: 0030 6945177847
  • Fax: 00357 22443050
  • Email: p.ntalianis@theo.ac.cy & p.ntalianis@theo.ac.cy


Dr. Porphyrios Dalianis belongs to the Collaborating Academic Staff of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus. He teaches courses on the Old Testament in the undergraduate Theology program. He studied at the Theology Department of University of Athens. After completing his Master’s Studies, he went to the University of Munich (Germany), where he attended biblical seminars on the Old Testament and on the languages and cultures surrounding the world of the Bible. Returning to Greece, he finished his doctoral work and continued learning ancient Eastern languages at the “Artos Zois” foundation. He has taught Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at the Dept. of Theology at the University of Athens, at City Unity College and at “Artos Zois”.


2011: PhD „Magna Laude“ – Department of Theology of the University of Athens

2006: Master of Theology with distinctions – Department of Theology of the University of Athens

2003: Degree of Theology – Department of Theology of the University of Athens

Research Interests:        

  • Canonical Approach/ Criticism
  • Prophetic Literature with an emphasis on the Minor Prophets
  • History of Old Testament scholarly research
  • Orthodox Hermeneutics and Theology

Selected Publications:

  • Ntalianis, P., Introduction to the prophets of 8th century b.C., Ed. Ennoia, Athens 2018 (p. 152).
  • Ntalianis, P., “Theoklitos Vimbos (1832-1903): Professor of the Old Testament – Archbishop of Mantineia”, Ed. Ennoia, Athens 2015 (p. 300).
  • Ntalianis, P., «The true religion according to the prophets of the eighth century BC», Athens 2011 (Dissertation, p. 490), [Open access for all: http:// thesis.ekt.gr/thesisBookReader/id/26881#page/1/mode/2up].
  • Ntalianis, P., “From monotheism to politics: a new interpretation of the Kings II 5.15”, Theology3 (2017) 203-223.
  • Ntalianis, P., “Bread of the Angels (Ps. 77,25)”, Bulletin of Biblical StudiesB (2016) 72-81.