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  1. Student Admission Policy Statement

The Theological School of the Church of Cyprus admits candidates on the basis of their academic qualifications, irrespective of gender, race, ethnic origin, colour or religion. The Theological School of the Church of Cyprus offers the same admission opportunities to both Cypriot and foreign students as long as they possess a knowledge of the language of instruction, which is Greek, to the extent that it allows the uninterrupted attendance of the curriculum and that they demonstrate the necessary respect for the faith and traditions of the Orthodox Christian Church of Cyprus.

The Theology Department of the School in particular seeks to be an academic and spiritual centre for the instruction of servants of the Church of Cyprus and the Orthodox Church in general who will stimulate, develop and maintain services to the Church and society, either as clergy members or as lay professionals, based on faith. Therefore, admission to the Theology Department, in addition to following the study program, requires a compliance with the Greek Orthodox ethical character of the Church of Cyprus, and participation in Church worship.

Admission of undergraduate students

Candidates for the bachelor’s degree program should submit a school-leaving certificate from a recognized secondary school of at least six years’ attendance, with an average grade of 75% (for Greek-speaking secondary schools), or a grade “C” or equivalent (for foreign-language secondary schools), or to provide evidence (a certificate from a recognized school) of an equivalent qualification held by them.

Candidates who have completed a minimum of six years secondary education but do not meet the above standards may be admitted on a trial basis if they demonstrate the required ability for educational progress.

Candidates admitted on a trial basis can also be required to undergo special examinations in order to enable them to improve their performance. Exemption from of the test is subject to satisfactory academic performance (as stated in the regulations: grade C / “Good” 50-64%). The trial basis cannot last for more than one academic year

In addition, candidates for the degree program will have to submit a personal statement detailing the reasons why they are interested in attending a particular Department.

Personal interviews are not usually required for all Departments as part of the admission process. However, the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus reserves the right to invite candidates to an interview before the final decision on the admission of an applicant to a Department is taken.

For the Theology Department in particular, prospective students are required to attend a personal interview organized by the Student Admissions Office to support their application. Participation in a personal interview plays a major role in deciding whether or not to admit a student to the Theology Department. Foreign candidates who wish to study in the Theology Department are not excluded from the personal interview process, but their physical presence may be substituted by the use of modern video-conferencing using an internet connection.

Admission of New Entrant Undergraduate Students

This procedure refers to candidates who (a) apply for registration immediately after secondary education and have no prior additional experience or experience in tertiary education, (b) are transferred from another faculty of the School or from the same or another field of study at another Tertiary Educational Institution or University and (c) hold a degree from another Department.

Admission of Postgraduate Students

Candidates for a postgraduate program must submit a recognized degree or qualification considered equivalent to the level of a degree, and the official transcripts of their degree studies. In addition, there could be special requirements for various postgraduate programs.

Re-admission Students

Students seeking re-admission to the School must complete the relevant application form for examination, clearly specifying the conditions by which they can be accepted again by the School. Foreign students applying for re-admission must also comply with the requirements of the entry visa procedures for the Cyprus Republic.

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the Greek language is essential for all courses taught in Greek. High school graduates applying from abroad who have a good knowledge of the Greek language, can be admitted based on the results of recognized examinations. They are required to hold a recognized certificate in Greek or Modern Greek GCE O Level (or equivalent IGCSE or equivalent GCSE Modern Greek) with at least grade C. Knowledge of English, French or any other language may help the student in the study of foreign literature and will be considered an additional qualification.

(b) Registration procedures

B. Admission procedure for students

When and How to apply for admission

The academic year at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus is subdivided for the purposes of registration, examination and graduation into two semesters (M.O.E.C. 139/81 / 20E, 7 June 1999): the winter and spring semesters. The first academic semester (winter) begins on September 1st and ends in January. The second academic semester (spring) begins on 1 February and ends on 30 June.

Winter semester courses begin in September. More specifically, the winter semester lasts from the first Monday of September to the third week of December. It lasts 15 (fifteen) weeks. It includes a total of 12 (twelve) teaching attendance sessions, 1 (one) week of independent study and 2 (two) weeks of exams. (The remaining time, excluding the two-week Christmas break, remains at the disposal of the School for the organization of related activities.)

Spring semester courses begin in the second half of January or the first half of February and end at the end of May or early June (taking into account the Easter Feast). More specifically, the spring semester lasts from third Monday in January to mid May. It lasts 15 (fifteen) weeks. It includes a total of 12 (twelve) teaching attendance sessions, 1 (one) week of independent study and 2 (two) weeks of exams. It includes the interruption of lessons to celebrate Easter. (The remaining time, with the exception of the two-week Easter holidays, remains at the disposal of the School for the organization of related activities.)

During the academic year it is possible to organize support activities aiming to strengthen the students’ ties with each other and with the School, and to enhance the development of the particular ethos of the School. The annual calendar of the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus for undergraduate students is designed so that students can start attending the courses in September and complete the course attendance in May.

(c) the periods of enrollment of students in the school

  1. Student enrollment periods

Undergraduate and postgraduate candidates may apply for admission to the School at anytime but the registration period is between June and August.

Due to the fact that the formalities for issuing an entry visa take at least one month, foreign applicants requiring an entry visa are requested to apply at least 6 weeks before the expected date of registration. The application should be sent to the Student Admissions Office, at the address of the School, in Nicosia.

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