Outgoing Staff

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, the academic and administrative staff of TSCC have the right to go to another university / institution which has an inter-institutional agreement with TSCC and to any active teaching and training organization.

Staff who may apply to participate in the Mobility Program must be full-time in TSCC and have not re-participated in Erasmus+ mobility program.

Mobility must take place in a period, which will not affect important activities of TSCC. (E.g. exam period, graduation, period of annual conference, registration period, etc.)

Academic staff

Members of the academic staff participating in the Erasmus + Program will have the opportunity to broaden their network with colleagues from other universities and gain prospects for cooperation, partnership and research with Receiving Universities. The teaching mobility needs to include lectures and various meetings with other academic staff and students etc. Also, teaching should be at least 8 hours per week.

The members of the academic staff who wish to visit a particular university should discuss the mobility opportunity through Erasmus+ program with the Dean of TSCCand have his/her permission.

Administrative staff

TSCC through the Erasmus+ Program, gives to administrative staff the opportunity to carry out mobility for training at another University of Europe, which has inter-institutional agreement with TSCC, as well as an organization in Europe. The interested staff will have the advantage of enriching knowledge and experience as well as acquiring new practical skills relevant to the worker’s specialization. Administrative staff’s mobility lasts from 5 days to 6 weeks.

Administrative staff should:

  • Have a need for training
  • Have discussed the mobility opportunity through Erasmus+ program with the Director of TSCC and have his approval

Procedure for participation in Erasmus+ program as TSCC staff:

Application and approval

  1. Interested academic or administrative staff must complete the Application of Interest for Erasmus+ Mobility.
  2. Erasmus Committee, on the basis of the criteria TSCC has been set, will select the members of staff who will receive a mobility grant.
  3. Selected members will be notified by the Erasmus officer.
  4. Selected members should complete and sign the following:
    a) Erasmus Application form
    b) Mobility Agreement for teaching / training