Staff Mobility

Through staff Mobility, academic and administrative staff of TSCC have the opportunity to visit a partner/institution of TSCC or an organization abroad for teaching or training.

Interested academic or administrative staff completes and signs the Mobility Agreement for teaching or training, which includes the teaching or training program of the staff members. The Mobility Agreement is signed by the staff member, the Sending Institution and the Receiving Institution. The agreement specifies the content of teaching or training abroad and places particular emphasis on the responsibility of both the Sending Institution and the Receiving Institution for the implementation of good quality mobility.

Teaching Mobility concerns the academic staff, who teach at another Higher Education Institution abroad.

Training Mobility concerns the administrative staff, which undertakes a training event or undergo job shadowing/observation/training in a relevant organization abroad.

Funding is provided to support the staff of Higher Education Institutions.

Staff mobility can last from 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel days. 


The Table below shows the country grouping according to funding available.

  1. To Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Liechtenstein 80 – 180€ / day
  2. To Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal 70 – 160€ / day
  3. To Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, FYROM 60 – 140€ / day

Outgoing staff

The academic and administrative staff of T.S.C.C., within the framework of the Erasmus + program, has the right to go to any HEI that has an inter-institutional agreement with T.S.C.C., as well as in any organization with teaching and training activities.

Staff eligible to apply for participation in the mobility program must be full time at T.S.C.C. and should not have participated again in the Erasmus+ mobility program in the past 2 years.

The mobility must take place in a period that will not affect significant activities of T.S.C.C. (e.g. examination period, graduation, period of the annual T.S.C.C. Conference, registration period, etc.)

Academic personnel

Academic staff members participating in the Erasmus+ Mobility Program will have the opportunity to expand their network with colleagues from other Universities and pave the way for collaboration, partnership and research with the Host Universities.

Teaching curriculum should include lectures and meetings with other academics, staff and students. Teaching activities should be at least 8 hours per week.

The members of the academic staff who wish to visit a specific University should have previously discussed the issue with the Director of T.S.C.C. and have his approval.

Administrative staff

Through the Erasmus+ Program, T.S.C.C. provides the opportunity to its administrative staff to conduct a training mobility to another European University or other organization in Europe, with which it has an inter-institutional agreement. Such mobility will lead to enriching their knowledge and experience as well as acquiring new practical skills that are relevant to the employee’s specialization. The mobility of administrative staff lasts from 5 days to 6 weeks.

To apply, administrators must:

  • demonstrate their need for training
  • have discussed their interest to apply with the Director of T.S.C.C. and have received his pre-approval.

Procedure for participation in the Erasmus + program as an outgoing member of academic or administrative staff of T.S.C.C.:

Application and approval

  1. Interested applicants must fill in the Application for Expression of Interest for Participation in the Erasmus+ Program. (Academic staff, Administrative staff)
  2. In a special session, the Erasmus Committee proceeds with the approval / rejection of the applications based on the criteria that have been established by T.S.C.C.
  3. The Erasmus Officer shall inform the applicants in writing of the Committee’s decision.
  4. The approved staff members shall complete and sign the following:
  5. Erasmus Mobility Application (Academic Staff, Administrative Staff)
  6. Mobility Agreement for teaching / training
  7. Grant Agreement

After mobility

Upon returning to Cyprus, the staff member shall submit to the Erasmus Office the following documents for reviewing and approval so as to:

(a) be archived in the database of T.S.C.C. and

(b) pay the last installment of funding:

  • Certificate of the Host University for the period of teaching or training abroad, filled in and signed by the Host University.
  • Copy of airoplane ticket
  • Boarding passes

Incoming staff

Through the Erasmus+ program, T.S.C.C. also accepts applications from academic and administrative staff of partner Universities, with which there is an inter-institutional agreement.

Applications are sent to the Erasmus Office for further consideration by the relevant Committee of the sending institution. T.S.C.C. will help with scheduling a work plan based on the interests, goals and expectations of the incoming staff.