Myria Kkali


Dr Myria Kkali is a full-time lecturer at CIM and the Academic Director at the Nicosia Campus as well as Deputy Director at the CIM Research Centre. Her research interests include sensemaking and sensegiving practices in organisations, data-based marketing and social marketing. Dr Myria Kkali is the Program Coordinator for the BA Business Management (Marketing) in Nicosia.

Myria has been working in academia since 2012, when she was employed as a GTA in the Nottingham University Business School (Marketing department), where she received her PhD in 2018. She has been working as the Academic Director (Nicosia) at CIM since June 2017, where she delivers modules in topics such as marketing management, consumer behaviour, research methods, global marketing and contemporary marketing challenges.

She has presented her own research at the 2015 British Academy of Management Conference, held in Portsmouth in October 2016, and her conference paper was published in the conference proceedings.

Myria is very interested in bridging the gap between academia and industry and has published a number of articles in the Business Bulletin of the CIM Research Centre. She has also delivered training seminars and has participated in consulting projects.

She has developed close ties with many industry specialists since her move back to Cyprus in 2016 and has co-founded an NGO focusing on bringing about social change through music, by bringing opportunities to children and young people from low socio-economic backgrounds. Myria acts as the marketing and communications officer of the organisation.