Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos


Dr. Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos is a professor of Biblical Theology, with a specialization in “New Testament” studies, at the Department of Orthodox Theology of the University of Munich. He is also guest professor at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus. From 2003 to 2011 he was President of the Orthodox Department, and from 2011 to this day is Chairman of the Examining Board of the aforementioned department of the University of Munich. Since 2006, he has been publishing the German-language scientific theological journal “Orthodoxes Forum” and since 2011 the series of theological monographs “Lehr und Studienbücher Orthodoxe Theologie”. He is a member of the Committee on Theological Dialogue between the Orthodox and the Catholic churches of Germany, as well as the Dialogue Committee between the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the German Evangelical Church. He participates in interdisciplinary research programs of European Universities and is a member of many scientific societies, foundations and committees. He has participated in Evaluating Committees of undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Greek and Cypriot Universities, following invitations from the institutions ADIP in Greece and DIPAE in Cyprus. He has published monographs, various studies and articles in the fields of Introduction, Interpretation and Theology of the New Testament, and, Byzantine Museology, Liturgy and Hymnology of the early Church. The Linguistic development in the Hellenistic and early Christian period is the main focus of his research activities and teaching, with a special interest in the “Common” language of the New Testament.