Arch. Gregorios Ioannides


Archim. Gregorios Ioannides is Assοciate Professor in Liturgical studies. He teaches courses in Liturgy in the undergraduate Theology program at the Theological School of the Church of Cyprus. He is also in charge of the Library and Head of the Office of Pastoral Care. He currently acts as a Protosyngelos in the Holy Metropolis of Trimithous. He is a member of the Throne Committee and Head of the Ecclesiastical Deaconry and Enlightenment Office of the Metropolis, which is responsible for the initiatives of the Women’s Christian Association and the organization of readings of the Bible, speeches, lectures, conferences, student conferences and camps. Apart from his duties in pastoral and social work, he represents the Holy Metropolis of Trimithous in Synodic Committees and in the Committee of the Department of Antiquities for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the metropolitan area.