Tuition fees and Rights

Tuition and Fees

Tuition, Fees and Other Charges
Tuition and other fees and charges assessed to students at the date of this statement.
Type of Fees Tuition and Fees per Academic Year in €
1. Registration Fees (assessed on new students) 50.00

2. Undergraduate Tuition Fees, calculated on a per-ECTS credit basis (analogy: : €50.00 / ECTS credits determines the amount for each module in case a student has to retake a module) 3000.00
3. Postgraduate Tuition Fees 4500.00
4. Additional copy of a Transcript (certificate) 50.00
5. Transfer credit Evaluation Fee 30.00

Regarding the determination of the cost of the tuition, fees and other charges assessed by the School on students and in relation to the provisions of Article 25A of relevant Laws of 1996 to 2013 on Institutions of Higher Education:
The owner of the School, at least three months before the beginning of each academic year, submits for approval to the Minister of Education and Culture the amount of tuition fees and other charges applicable to each student.
Any increase regarding tuition fees and other charges may be applied only after ratification by the Minister of Education and Culture:
No increase in tuition fees and other charges shall be applied unless two years have elapsed since the last correspondent increase.
Declaration of Policy:

Tuition fees paid by students for the Theology Program (undergraduate level) are deposited in the specific account of Student Welfare and are used to provide scholarships and financial aid to students. In addition to the financial aid set forth in the present Regulation, the School may use the Student Welfare Fund to support students in the purchase of a PC, books, and covering food expenditures / housing / hosting and supporting student activities.